Ultimate Foodie Experiment

For the Foodie portion of my adventure, I’ll be dining at Nashville’s best and most unique restaurants.  Over 26 weeks, 26 different restaurants, 26 different meals (100+ courses) with 26 complete strangers literally from all walks of life.  In addition, on the streets I’ll be asking complete strangers to dine at various Dinner Lab events. If you’ve never heard of the concept before, you can check it out here.  In many ways, it’s similar to my own plans with even more people that you don’t know. I’m guessing I’ll be the only person in Nashville over the next few months who might randomly walk up and ask you to have dinner at The Catbird’s Seat or Husk, but just in case our paths never meet, I’m opening up the website to suggestions for both restaurants and/or interesting people whose stories you believe need to be told. I realize this sounds a little crazy, so crazy in fact it must be true. If the embedded form below is not displaying correctly, please click here to launch in a new window.